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I'm Meredith.

A Designer & Developer Making the Web a More Kickass Place.


In other cool news – I donate a portion of all my jobs to a local small nonprofit in the Charlotte-Metro area. You get a website, I give donations. Love it buddy? Yeah, buddy (s/o to the letterkenny fans that get that).


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Website Design $500+

Website design. It’s a biggie yall. First impressions matter. Your website needs to tell a story. It needs to be relevant. It needs to project a personality that your ideal clients can relate to. Your website design is one of the most important things on your website (besides functionality lol – see web development). Before I do any web development, I start with web design. Even before that, I do a full brand overview. What are your objectives? What is your voice? Who are your ideal clients/customers? What works best for YOUR website?

Branding & Logo $500+

A good logo and brand is the beginning of a good website and an even better story, so its important that we get it right. Websites can (and should!) change regularly, but logos are for the long haul – priority #1. 

Content Strategy & SEO $500/mo

Content is Queen! Well in Gogle’s eyes atleast. Want a website to just take up space on the internet – then I guess content doesn’t matter, but neither would your website (js.) Want your website to attract, convert and grow your business and brand?? DId I just hear you scream “hell yes?” Then content is crazy important. Am I talking grammar? Nope. But I am talking keywords and trend worthy headlines. We want bakclinks, we want interest, we want relevancy, we want domain authority and we want quality traffic. Let’s say that again – QUALITY TRAFFIC. Trust, I got you for that. 



CUSTOM Website Development $4000+

Did you know that design and development aren’t the same thing when it comes to websites? They are completely different. But, lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about that when you hire me. 

Choose a Premade Template $2000+

Money doesn’t grow on trees yall. And I get it. So if you have a smaller budget, I’m still your girl. Plus, I’m a sucker for start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Let’s talk and we’ll find the perfectly solution that fits within your budget and still helps you meet the objectives you’re aiming for.

Maintenance & Updates $250/mo

If your website goes down, will you know how to fix it? Technology changes, every day, hell every second. Your website can be working perfectly one second and then crash the next. It has NOTHING to do with design or development or traffic or use. It just happens. There are so many different components that go into website, and no two websites are the same – well none that I make atleast 😉 so shit happens. Honestly, on the regular. If you aren’t constantly maintaining and updating your website, you could be costing yourself a lot in the longrun. Especially wordpress websites. Those plugins can cause havoc on your site with a php or wordpress update if they aren’t compatible. I can help make sure that update transitions will go smoothly and that your website will stay live. A down website, is a useless website. Whether I built your website or not, I can give you a maintenance and update plan that will give you peace of mind and be a backup if anything goes awry. 

My Process


I explore and learn your core goals — while mapping out how your new website will get you there.


I take those carefully-constructed design mock ups and turn them into a working, operational, responsive site.


When it’s time to show off your site to the world, I make sure it goes live operating perfectly.


After analyzing your industry and customer base, I present the custom design concepts that jive with your vision.


I rigorously test every site design, (double) checking that your website makes a perfect impression on all browsers, devices, and screens.


You can now take your website to market and start making your mark on it.

Featured Work

Graphic Design

Flyers, Logos, Stencils, You Name It

Whatever your message, I’ll get it across. And if you don’t know the message, I’ll help you figure that out first. Whether its a rebrand, initial branding, something for a special event, or even social media content – I’ll stay on-brand and guarantee satisfaction. If you want unlimited edits until you’re 110% happy & a quick turnaround, then I’m your girl.

Website Design and Development

MsLauren Leak Website Design

Lauren is one of my favorite clients – no offense to the rest of you. She’s so bubbly and energetic, you can’t help but feel crazy empowered when you talk to her. I wanted that to come across on her website. For this project, I started with logo and colors. She said “I trust you , do your thing girl”. I’ve also designed her pamphlets, handouts, postcards and tri-fold packets. She’s an amazing person and I’m so thankful to have her as regular client. 

Website Redesign Website Redesign

Every two years, I do a website redesign for It’s always such a fun project. We did the initial build, with full brand development, and to see the changes year after year and incorporating them into this progressive website approach is so fulfilling. It’s like a coming of age novel played out digitally. Beautiful.

Website Development

Wesley Harris for NC Website Architecture

Political campaign websites are THE MOST FUN projects. There’s so much information that you need to get across and that you need to get across QUICKLY. Plus that donate button better be front and center! Not to mention, one of the biggest challenges for a political candidate is image and personality – misstep and you’ve lost them the election. But man, that makes it exciting. Need a website guaranteed to help you win an election? Challenge accepted.



Every website I design and build includes Keyword URL mapping. This process includes keyword research based upon your goals, your competitors, and search volume. I then coordinate what keywords are to be optimized for what webpage  to maximize the optimization of the entire website as a whole. A lot of times optimization is only directed at the homepage of a website, but that strategy isn’t ideal because if you  top load any one page on a website with several keywords, then you’ll end up not ranking or worse, penalyzed. Each page of a website needs to be optimized for only a few keywords, and those keywords should be included in titles, urls, and copy. The only effective way to successful achieve this is through Keyword URL Mapping.

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About Me

Hey You, I’m Meredith. I’ve Been Building [GOOD] Websites for 5 Years and I Hate Staged Photos

Here’s a selfie of me at a park instead, pre-COVID of course 🙂

I don’t build regular websites, I build good websites. Having a website isn’t the end-game. What you need is an effective website that increases leads, works on its own to garner (ideal!) traffic, tracks and improves conversions, and is seen! Having a live website doesn’t mean people will automatically find it. They won’t. Unless its built by me, with search engine optimization included.  A regular website is an address. A good website is the address plus detailed instructions, breadcrumbs and incentives to guarantee they get to the address and stay a while.

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